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11 May 1980
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I am the Diversity Projekt. This is my personal space in the universe to share stories about the ways in which I navigate the world as mixed, queer, trans-national and multi-cultural. I share my struggles, my successes and all too frequent hiccups. In telling my own stories of standing up AGAINST racism, homophobia, sexism and classism and FOR rights, empowerment, diversity, education, economic strength, and choices for marginalized communities, I hope to provide individuals with the language and tools necessary to contribute to working toward equity and justice in their own communities.

I recently realized my dream of launching a consulting agency, through which I am able to help non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals secure the knowledge, expertise and resources necessary to lead effective community-based initiatives and sustain measurable achievements. Check me out - www.kathrinivanovic.com!

I am addicted and captivated by the written word (check me out on GoodReads), often express my love for those around me through food (I make an amazing Macaroni & Cheese and Chicken Marsala) and am rejuvenated by exploring the world around me (recently fell in love with the Adirondacks). I was born and raised in Germany and currently reside in Philadelphia, PA. I am planning my big move to Atlanta early next year!

The Diversity Projekt envisions a world that is equitable and just and we believe that promoting initiatives, causes and individuals who are advocates for that vision is paramount to achieving this goal. Have a book, film, or documentary you want us to review of feature? Want us to highlight your event, project or cause? We want to hear from you! Send us an email at: thediversityprojekt at gmail dot com.

I will share my stories. Will you share yours?

I rarely (never) blog here anymore, but feel free to check me out at www.kathrinivanovic.com and www.thediversityprojekt.org.

20th century, academic research, acceptance, activism, affirmations, africa, african diaspora, afro-german, anthropology, anti-misogyny, anti-patriarchy, anti-racism, anti-sexism, bell hooks, black history, black lesbians, books, butch-femme dynamic, censorship, cheese, chocolate, class consciousness, class struggle, coffee, community, comps, contested spaces, context, cooking, critical race theory, criticism, cultural history, cultural studies, cultural theory, debunking, decolonization, deconstructing gender, discourse, dissertation, diversity, divine feminine, doctorate degree, dog rescue, dualism, dykes, education, empowerment, equality, ethnic studies, european history, fellowships, feminism, feminist spirituality, feminist studies, feminist theory, fifty-cent words, gay marriage, gender deconstruction, gender history, gender studies, genderqueer, german history, germany, global feminism, gloria steinem, gnosis, gnostic, gnosticism, graduate school, graduate students, grammar, herstory, historians, historiography, homosexuality, honesty, humanities, identity, indigenous history, interdisciplinary education, international feminisms, journals, kink, languages, law and order svu, leather, leather women, leathergirl, lesbian, lgbtq rights, mariska hargitay, masochist, materialism, meditation, modern european history, motorcycles, multi-lingualism, museums, my cats, nationality, obtuse language, pedagogy, people of color, phd, political history, popular culture, post-colonial theory, post-colonialism, post-graduate studies, post-it notes, postgraduates, postmodernism, power, prayer, privilege, pro-choice, procrastinating, professors, queer theory, queers, radical history, reading, research, resistance, restaurants, revolutionary history, sarcasm, scholarship, self actualization, self-directed research, self-esteem, sisterhood, sleep deprivation, social history, social theory, socialism, socialist realism, sophia, spirituality, student life, subversion, tattoos, teaching assistants, thai food, thinking too hard, transracial adoption, wawa, women of color, women's history, women's studies

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